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The perfect plot twist ending.

    Family Reunions

  • Relative: So, what's new in your life?
  • Me: Well, I have been really getting into this show--
  • Relative: Oh no, Honey. What I mean is, what special events have happened to you lately?
  • Me: That's what I meant.


Season 3 predictions: as Brian Zeller and Jimmy Price are the only people left not in comatose, they take it upon themselves to catch the Chesapeake Ripper with the help of SCIENCE.


23% is not enough, Hannibal, 23% IS NOT ENOUGH


Charles Augustus Magnussen and Hannibal Lecter

Mind Palace and Memory Palace

Lars Mikkelsen and Mads Mikkelsen


Denial, the first stage of grief



I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you in this life.

Apéritif (1x01) vs Mizumono (2x13)


mizumono + beauty;

Love and death are the two great hinges on which all human sympathies turn. 

Mizumono or AKA the episode where Hannibal Lecter attempts to kill every main character in the show.

#hannibal the happy cannibal

I let you know me, see me. I gave you a rare gift, but you didn’t want it.